Les singuliers et les singulières
accostent place aux huiles



L’exposition inaugurale de la galerie est consacrée aux artistes singulières et singuliers que nous exposons à Paris depuis bientôt 30 ans ainsi qu’à Marseille dans notre ancienne galerie rue Glandevès…

The artists of the gallery

Outsider Art since 1992

The term “singular”, Outsider for Anglo-Saxon countries, is said to have appeared at the “Les Singuliers de l’Art” event, organized in 1978 at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. This contemporary art movement brings together a number of self-taught creators who have voluntarily or did not establish a distance from official art. It is linked to a vast “post-art” movement, which has also been referred to in various ways: “art on the margins,” “raw art,” “open creation,” “out-of-standard art.” The singular artists claim a certain spontaneity in the face of the intellectualism of established artists.