Agnes Baillon

One day, a visitor walked into one of my exhibitions and said to me: “These are the remnants of a pacifist civilization… ». He was hesitant and sought my approval or its opposite. I had never seen it that way. Finally, one always learns from oneself in the verb of others.

Remains… Yes, my characters are reminiscences or fragments of another era, gone perhaps, but in reality of an era that does not exist. Pacifist, yes too, I am deeply and intimately convinced of the power of non-violence. I grew up on a field of peaceful struggle, for the benefit of a just and humanistic cause. This defines me until today and I think I am in turn campaigning in this direction through my sculptures. In the silence and the absence of howls. Perhaps I try to recall hope as the essential value of humanity, through the poetic dimension and tenderness inherent in my work…

© Galerie Béatrice Soulié

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