Christelle Lenci

Christelle Lenci was born in 1967.

She lives and works in Provence in Cavaillon.

Drawings emerge from the bowels that spread, become entangled and entangled. Beautiful outfits and meticulously woven lace. Tattoos, scars, stories.


Pierre Vavasseur
1 –
Christelle Lenci’s Chinese inks are cuddly inks that tear down nights. The women who devour themselves with powerful languor and sensuality, these wolf garters arous arous from their own bowels, these female Draculas all in long thighs play to bleed themselves in celebration, and look from afar like warm forests, flesh vegetation, portrait of enjoyment, welded orgasms producing moans and whispers, and then this purple too, escaped from the mouths as wide , emptying and warming a malice of open bellies that will never be vacant again since they represent the true revenge to the cannibalism of men.

2 –
Eat me, tear me apart, just don’t touch my heart or my desire for happiness. Together in this gynecology we are beautiful among all, we are accomplished women since we will come back stronger from this jungle knot where we come to drink to ourselves.

3 –
Christelle Lenci works at the finest tip, digs her paper like a cloth, flora penetrated, exalted, surgery of a fantasy that echoes himself and opens our eyes (when we press them strongly under our eyelids of men) as if it were our turn to have wide-cut and naked bellies.

4 –
Art is quite a dream. An obsession, we know that. With what it takes to explore in the carnivorous velvet of flowers. Christelle Lenci knows this better than anyone by her simple devouring.

Galerie Béatrice Soulié Paris
“Ousider for 25 years already” collective exhibition 2017
Outsider Art Fair Paris 2017
“Looks like the South” with Sylvain Corentin 2017
“Perlucidus” 2013

Dettinger-Mayer Lyon Gallery
“Once Upon a Time” 2016
“Visceral” 2013
“One after another” 2011

Luxuraint BD Coustellet-Maubec
“Christelle Lenci exposes herself” 2015

Galerie Crid’Art Metz with Pierre Sgamma 2015

Espace des Blancs Manteaux Paris with Pierre Sgamma 2015

I said, “Hey!” Modern Art and Pop Culture Review Issue June 22, 2015

Nicolet Oppede Gallery group exhibition “Women’s Drawings” 2011

Galerie La Louve Belgique Metz Fair 2010

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