Didier Estival

I live in Rodez in the Aveyron. Self-taught I’ve been drawing since childhood. I go back and forth between drawing, painting, sculpture, and installations. I claim my freedom to create what I feel by addressing very modestly in this plastic work, suffering, illness, death, passion, enjoyment, life. I draw my inspiration from my inner revolt, my anger, my sorrow, but also my joys that become my creative material. I do not claim any chapel, no particular movement. Eight years ago, I put the painting on hold to devote myself exclusively to drawing.

I work by series. Free Association Series, Organic Composition Series and Family Portraits series.

For the latter, I dip my hands in the photographic archives of my own family and I make a choice to appropriate for a time this frozen reality. The anecdotes awaken memories imbued with melancholy, joy, tenderness or sadness barely concealed at the evocation of the living dead in the images.

I turn into a new story and sometimes unsavory but, always with a certain jubilation, a scene that was fixed in time as if to make a nose to the passing years.

I am aware that my drawings can echo proven family stories, fantasized or kept secret.


Didier Estival

Recent exhibitions

Arts Factory Gallery – Paris

Chapel Paraire- Rodez

Galerie Pol Lemetais – DDESSIN(20) Paris,

Pol Lemetais Gallery – Mediterranean Contemporary Arts Fair Montpellier,

GRAFIA Biennale of current drawing (Saint Affrique- 12)


Mediterranean Contemporary Arts Fair- Pol Lemetais Gallery- Montpellier

ST’ART – Pol Lemetais Gallery – Strasbourg

Outsider Art Fair – Galerie Béatrice Soulié- Paris

Musée des Arts Buissonniers (Collective exhibition)- Saint Sever du Moustier

The hut – Tayrac (12)

Salon de Baylenque – Canaules

Replica Gallery – Rodez

Galerie Béatrice Soulié- Paris

Galerie Pol Lemetais Drawing Fair DDESSINS- Paris

Galerie Béatrice Soulié- Paris

Pol Lemetais Gallery – Contemporary Art Fair in Montpellier

Galerie Jean Greset- YIA Fair 2018 in Paris

Shared Art – Rivers

Art Bank Lounge – Beijing

International Exhibition of Singular Art – Iasi (Romania)

Biennale Raw Art in Hengelo – Holland

Musée des Arts Buissonniers- Art Brut, Art Singuliers, Arts Buissonniers in Martigues

The Great Baz’ Art – Gisors

Museum of The Arts Buissonniers- House of Arts in Evreux



Pol Lemetais- ST’ART Gallery in Strasbourg

Galerie Jean Greset- Art Week in Luxembourg

Buisonniers Museum of Arts – Saint Sever du Moustier

Pol Lemetais Gallery – Grand Rue Gallery in Poitiers

Shared Art – Saint Trojan the Baths

Salon Art Singulier Outsider – Meysses

Pol Lemetais Gallery- ADAP 12 La Cabane in Tayrac

Galerie Le Cochon Noir – Carcassonne



Occitanie 2021 Artists (book)

TRAKT Review – special issue 2020 – figures of raw and singular contemporary art

Illustration in Scribulations 2018

September-October 2017- Portrait in Artension magazine No. 145

The Machi and other miniatures. Editions: The Two Zeppelins

Trackt No.1 March 2017. Raw and singular diary.

Twelve magazine No.1. 2016

Illustration in the fanzine, “under vacuum”

Illustration of texts by Kenny Ozier-Lafontaine

Illustrations of texts by Céline Maltére

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