Marie Morel

For Marie Morel to paint eroticism seems so simple, so natural, so obvious. It’s part of his life
as much as nature, or the humanitarian causes it advocates. She is a woman committed to
everything that makes his life and this is not dissociable from his art. Mary is whole, without ever cheating, she says
what she thinks in the deepest and this is necessarily reflected in her paintings.

Painter. She has lived and worked in the Valromey Mountains since 1988.

In 2009, in the catalogue of the exhibition of the Halle Saint-Pierre, Pascal Quignard wrote about him “Marie Morel
is one of the greatest living painters.”

Marie Morel began painting as a child and never stopped. She has always lived in a climate
surrounded by his mother, the architect and painter Odette Ducarre, and his father, the publisher and writer Robert
Each year, she participates in numerous exhibitions in France or abroad, more than one hundred and sixty at this time
Day. In 1983, she was awarded the Fenon Prize for Painting.

Many books have been published on the work of Marie Morel, including a large monograph of 600 pages
appeared in 2014 on Marie Morel with texts by Pascal Quignard.At the same time, Marie Morel has been publishing, since 1981, Regard, a small magazine of art and poetry, where each issue is
dedicated to a current artist. She also publishes art books. And start making movies.

Her talent for the arts does not stop at painting or publishing, since she made the conservatory of music
and as such she is also a musician. She plays flute, piano, accordion and cello.
She continues to play for her pleasure and participates in concerts.

As a painter who incorporates words into her works, she also appreciates postal art and regularly engages in
painted envelopes that pass from hand to hand before reaching their recipients. Each of its
envelopes is a work in its own right.

To this day Marie Morel continues tirelessly to exhibit her work in constantly renewed places,
museums, art centres, etc. but also in the galleries she particularly likes. She has been working since
2015 with the Capazza gallery. She has exhibited extensively in Béatrice Soulié’s gallery, a collaboration

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