Pierre Amourette

I’m a ceramist who’s a dirt-trier. I also work on other materials: wood, stone, iron, plaster depending on the projects that come to mind or solicitations.
If the earth has imposed itself on me, it is because it allows me to work quickly, to go directly to emotion. Indeed, the ceramics created are meant to be a medium, a story that everyone can interpret in his own way.

I thus perpetuate a family experience that pushes everyone to create, looking for a solution to solve a problem without falling into the ease of buying or having to do. This conception of life allows everyone to build themselves and be proud of what they are able to achieve both in our daily lives and in our artistic projects.

As for my current work, I feel more and more “popular art potter”. From an idea, from an image, I try to find technically what can achieve it. The simpler and more obvious the means, the more I remember them. I have, as far as possible, no preconceptions about the means to be used.
I try to work without excluding , the goal is that everyone can have a reading of my work. I bet more on the emotion that my works would arouse, than on their intellectual interpretation.

As far as my production is concerned, it is very varied and responds to my desires and different requests. Hoping that the diversity of my creations do not detract from their legibility. I model dishes, boxes, pitchers, jars and especially maternity wards, but my production is varied and can range from an installation in containers: characters on cans (2.20mx1m), realization of a king of rats for the gallery of the dead rat in Ostend of the realization (in residence in Saint Severstier) of a monumental sculpture on sandstone of the Aveyron.

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