Sabrina Gruss

She explores the undergrowth, snoops on places where mould and rust have accomplished their work, where unlikely creatures or their memories are swarming. Skulls of piafs and bits of bone do her business: she prepares for a resurrection of tender remains because she has learned to whisper in the ear of those thought to have died.
At a time when the Creator erases the last traces of the night with his light gum, a silhouette emerges on the crossroads. She bends over, searches a bush, examines a patch of grass, spots an empty shell and gently picks up a dead bird for not being able to fly. Further on, caught in a trap, a splendid fox gave his last breath. Hands outstretched, heart clenched, the artist takes it away, in her personal graveyard where other bones separate from their flesh, whiten and wait to take part in the resurrection she promised them. Sabrina Gruss is a magician. In front of his workshop, corrugated branches, unearthed roots, gnarled pieces of wood, animal skulls await their time. It is not uncommon for a caring neighbour to hang a bag on the door handle, a small transient burial for an animal killed in combat, crushed, mowed down or simply swept away by illness or old age. Purgatory is only one step, a passage from one world to another.
Every day, installed on his stool, the artist continues the history of all these remains, offers them second nature.
Marie-Laure Desjardins



Personal exhibitions

Galerie Béatrice Soulié: Paris “Little inventory of undergrowth” (2001), “Cabinet of Curiosity” (2003), “Animated Defects” (2005), “Exquisite Cadavers” (2007), “Death in this Garden” (2010), “Parade before the dust” (2012), Marseille “Sweet Song Over the Abyss” (with Victor Soren) (2012), “The Circus of Bones and Its Elegances” (2015) “Coquecigrues” (with Hélène Lagnieu) (2018)

Richard Nicolet Gallery: Coustellet en Luberon (2011)

Grand Street Gallery: Poitiers (2010)

Dead Rat Gallery: Ostend, Belgium (2006)

Galerie Matara: Marseille (2005)

Galerie Geneviève Favre: Avignon (2000, 2002, 2003)


Group exhibitions


“Woman outsider” Visionary Museum Zurich, Centre for Contemporary Art of Auberive Abbey, Point Red Gallery Saint Rémy de Provence,


“Perception” hybridarium/concept body-art store La Rochelle, “Hidden Treasures” gallery Béatrice Soulié Paris, “Art in all its states” Art compulsion Montpellier, “To my only desire” 20 years of bad genre at Agnès b Paris, Contemporary Art Fairs of Montpellier and Lille gallery Art Compulsion


“Le Renard Pale Freedom of Printing” 150 books by artists Sotheby’s Paris, Coop.Art-la Marge Serviès en Val, gallery Richard Nicolet Luberon, Outsider Art Fair Paris gallery Béatrice Soulié


Out Sider Art Fair Paris gallery Béatrice Soulié, La Cave Show Room Gallery Paris, Return of Travel, L’isle-sur la Sorgue, “The Pale Fox, the singular adventure of a publishing house” Hotel d’Agar Cavaillon, L’atelier Musée F. Michel Montpellier, Musée des Arts Buissonniers Saint Sever du Moustier,


“Singular Worlds” Galerie Espace Eqart Marciac, “Turbulences” Chapel of The Falicon Penitents, “The Untamed of Art” gallery Jean Greset Besançon, fair St-Art Strasbourg gallery Jean Greset, Oliva creative factory collection Treger – Saint Sylvestre Portugal, gallery Richard Nicolet


“Outsider Art Fair Paris”, hotel the A galerie Béatrice Soulié.” St-Art Strasbourg 2013″, contemporary art fair gallery Richard Nicolet. Museum of The Buissonnier Arts: Les Nouveau Troubadours, 12370, Saint Sever du Moustier. “The Imaginarium Symbialys” set in space: Pascal Simonutti, 43160 La Chaise-Dieu.


“The animal that so I am” chapel Saint Anne Tours. “E la nave va” gallery Richard Nicolet. “In the Name of the Rat” gallery of the Dead Rat Ostend


“The doll beyond the mirror” gallery Claire Corcia Paris. “Renard Pale, the complete” gallery Artcurial Paris


Jakez Pont-Aven Gallery


“The Beauty of The Remains” Arteum Museum Châteauneuf Le rouge. “The air of nothing” church of the preaching brothers Arles. “The Recalcitrants” gallery R. Nicolet. “Art apart” gallery Nadine Servant Ollioules. Saint Sever du Moustier Museum of The Bush arts. “Claude Roffat a singular journey” contemporary art centre of Auberive Abbey


Aubagne International Biennale of Singular Art. Jakez Pont-Aven Gallery. “Difficult friends ship”: Art Council of England


“Black Humor”: gallery 100 titles Brussels, House of Culture of Tournai Belgium, cultural center of Spa Belgium. “The Primitive Contemporary” gallery R. Nicolet. Gallery Patrick Nelissen low country. Salons: the Élysées of art Paris gallery B. Soulié, Linéart Ghent gallery R. Nicolet



Auberive Abbey Contemporary Art Centre

La Fabuloserie Museum

Anne and Henri Sotta Collection

Collection Jean Paul Khan

Musée des Arts Buissonniers Saint Sever du Moustier

Treger Collection – New Year’s Eve, Oliva Creative Factory, Portugal

The workshop Musée F. Michel Montpellier



“The Anthem to Death” Editions the Pale Fox,

“The ABC of Collage” Editions Le Renard Pale

“The Court of Miracles,” “Lullaby for the Rat Child” Editions Grow Up

“Black humour in the visual arts”: Yak Rivais

“The Practical Encyclopedia of Bad Genders” by Céline Du Chéné, Nada Editions

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